I did this painting on a 4×4 tile as a practice run blown Tiger Lilly. I was really pleased with the results and got some really great feedback from my acrylic pouring support group. So I decided to do a video to describe how I painted it. Well as soon as I got started I leaned over and got paint in my hair. Maybe I should have realized from there that I was setting myself up for a fall. I finished the video and not totally upset with how it turned out. But I have decided that for instructional videos I might be better off using a smaller canvas say 12×12.

I didn’t finish the whole painting on camera for fear I would loose my audience. Tho I did finish the painting later.

I was not happy with the way it looked so I tried to adjust with more painting. In the end I just wasn’t happy with final result. I am happy tho that I had the experience and hope those who watched the video enjoyed.

I do plan to try another tiger Lilly on canvas. So please join me next time for another day of painting together. Hope to see you next time.