Hello friends and loved ones of Susan Bennett. As I have been posting over the past week. I was lead to paint a special painting.

“Susan’s Heavenly Fields

I wanted a painting that would remind us all that though we miss her, and wish she were still here. She is in a better place.

I will present this painting as a give back to those who would like to contribute, in a small way to her Children. All funds will be collected in a pay pal account just for her loved ones.

In order to show that these funds are all accounted for I will post a daily contribution chart honoring all those that give. And thank you all in advance.

On February 14th (one month from her passing). I will do a live video drawing to reveal the winner of the painting. Every 1$ that is donated gives you one chance to win

I pray that this bowl will be full to overflowing to show how much Susan was Loved.

The list of contributors:

Due to request all amounts will remain private and only the total will be updated along with the list of contributors

  1. Hazel Gibson
  2. Marion Eberle.
  3. Danielle Pollard.
  4. Judy Searight.
  5. Carl Murray. In honour of Amy Johnson
  6. James Phillips
  7. Linda Emmert
  8. Lori Brunette
  9. Tammy Roupe Foley
  10. Kelsey Blazier
  11. Amy Johnson
  12. Total. 182.00

Each of these people have given from their hearts. Yes they do have the chance to win the painting but firstly they gave because they care.

If you would like to contribute, you can do so thru the special PayPal account using my email address. dodiemac1@yahoo.com

Thanks again to those who gave. And please check daily to see the status of the funds for Susan’s Family. ❤️