If you follow me on any social media I feel like it must seem that I am a huge narcissist Lol But that said I don’t know how to expose my art without seeming a bit self centered. Thank you to all my friends, family, and fans. For the support and “likes” It is a big cyber world and at my age, not much time left to expose what I create. So expect to see more exposure.

That said I would like to invite all who do not already know to visit my Redbubble account to see the exciting elements they have available to display my art. I am planning to order some pieces myself.
These are just a few samples. I hope you enjoy and hopefully find something for yourself that you can’t live without.

Also for my artist friends, I do love all the options of art display this company has to offer and recommend you check them out. No I’m not getting paid to advertise, yet, lol. Maybe that should be my next venture.

I have quit my day job. I know my husband is a bit of a skeptic, but I must believe in myself to make this a lucrative venture. I will say that I am busier now than I ever was at my full time job. But you gotta put in the miles to see the results.

Thanks again to my followers. Please keep coming back for more.